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SolaReflex 97.4% Diffused Reflective Foil,
The World’s Most Reflective and Best Cooling Solar Tarp Made!

After years of design and testing, here’s the world’s most reflective tarp that will add energy saving comfort outdoors or indoors on the hottest days and reduce expensive summer cooling costs on any structure or open space below that’s exposed to the hot sun. We call it passive solar cooling by reflection since no other energy source is needed to reduce solar heat gain.

This tough, weatherproof, UV and IR resistant radiant solar heat reflector product is called SolaReflex 97.4% Diffused Reflective Foil because it’s made from our top-rated 97.4% reflective diffused SolarReflex 97% reflector foil that’s been time tested by our many customers and has been in use around the world for over 8 years for a variety of solar projects.

You won’t find a more reflective flexible tarp than SolaReflex 97.4% Diffused Reflective Foil.

It’s not a painted or colored surface like all other tarps and tents that will reach 125-145 degree F temperatures that you can feel below, it’s a triple-laminated tarp with two highly reflective metalized surfaces coated over a super-strong “rip stop” type plastic sheet specially coated with our SolaReflex reflective material. Nearly all the intense incoming solar energy generated heat is reflected back into space before it has a chance of being absorbed by the roof surface or area underneath. Large custom 22’ x 24’ SolaReflex 97.4% Diffused Reflective Foil temporarily installed over an office space for tests Custom larger sizes of SolaReflex 97.4% Diffused Reflective Foil can be made on special request, such as this very large SolaReflex 97.4% Diffused Reflective Foil (photo above) that measures 22’ x 23’ temporarily installed on a flat roof above an office space that gets very hot. Six, four foot widths of SolaReflex foil were attached and secured to each other.

We used 1’ square clay tiles to weigh it down to prevent wind interference. On a 78 degree F day, the roof reached 155-160 degrees, but once the SolaReflex 97.4% Diffused Reflective Foil was installed it dropped to nearly 110 degrees, even with the saturated heat already stored in over 2” of insulation below the roof deck. Custom sizes range from $1.29-$1.49 per square foot. Please email us with your custom size for a quote. All other tarps (including the silver painted and white tarps) and shade cloths absorb or transmit considerable sunlight and convert it to heat, which radiates downward, heating the space below.

The sun’s direct radiant energy is reduced, but the absorbed heat will still add considerable warmth below. SolaReflex 97.4% Diffused Reflective Foil stays much cooler and does not allow any sunlight to pass through. It also is has very low emissivity at .03 so the very small amount of heat that forms on it radiates only a tiny amount of heat away from it’s surface. Our unique solar thermal products you can use at home or on the go.

With SolaReflex 97.4% Diffused Reflective Foil, roof temps will drop by as much as 70 degrees F. Imagine reducing searing hot summer roof temperatures that normally heat up to 150-180 degrees F, to within 15 degrees of the ambient air temperatures when SolaReflex 97.4% Diffused Reflective Foil is suspended above it. So on an 80 degree day, the roof surface and structure below will only warm to about 95 degrees when SolaReflex 97.4% Diffused Reflective Foil is above it, which is about 65 degrees cooler than a solar-exposed roof, without using any additional energy.

The surface temperature of a thick black plastic sheet (represents the roof surface in summer)on a 75 degree F day reads 157 degrees F using an IR Thermometer, and underneath the SolaReflex 97.4% Diffused Reflective Foil the surface temperature is only 85 degrees, after sitting in the sun for more than an hour. This is a 72 degree drop in temperature by suspending SolaReflex 97.4% Diffused Reflective Foil an inch above the surface. If SolaReflex 97.4% Diffused Reflective Foil touches the surface, temperatures will be slightly higher because a small amount of heat conducts through to the surface.

It works just as well over numerous other areas like tents, patio covers, sun-exposed windows, boats, RV’s, electronic enclosures, plants, and animal enclosures. As a top-rated reflector product, it can also be used for Solar Daylighting, where dark rooms can be lit up inside through windows or glass doors when it’s opened on the ground or pulled secured on a nearby wall or fence. It’s actually fire resistant, and can withstand radiant heat temperature above 350 degrees F.

This method of passive solar cooling will keep building interiors much more comfortable and reduce the demand for expensive air conditioning. It prevents excessive heat storage in the roof structure during the day, which eventually passes through into the attic and radiates into the rooms below. That’s why even well-insulated buildings warm up and stay warm on hot days—the heat will eventually travel through the structure.

An actual roof test was done on a small attached utility room that has a standard composition shingle roof. At 1pm on a 65 degree F Spring day, the roof surface underneath SolaReflex 97.4% Diffused Reflective Foil roof is 62 degrees F after nighttime temps in the low 50’s. The thermometer is a heat-sensing IR thermometer. The actual sun-exposed roof temperature was at 135.8 degrees F and the photo above shows the room covered with the SolaReflex 97.4% Diffused Reflective Foil. This shows a 73 degree temperature reduction under the SolaReflex 97.4% Diffused Reflective Foil covered roof, and that adds up to quite an energy savings on cooling costs. A closed skylight under the tarp helped to elevate it above the roof surface.

The darker the roof, the more noticeable effect from this durable foil. Sun-exposed windows allow the most solar heat gain inside a building, so cooling them with SolaReflex 97.4% Diffused Reflective Foil is even more dramatic. It works best mounted outside the window, or overhead as an awning to prevent the sun from touching the glass surface.

This is a similar type of reflective radiant barrier foil that was used to help keep the early astronauts stay more comfortable in outer space inside their space suits and on their space craft. Our product is even more durable, fire resistant, tear-proof by hand, but easy to cut with a knife or scissors.

By lowering window, roof or wall temperatures and eliminating UV or IR wave sunlight contact using our reflective shading material, the life of the structure will be extended. As an added benefit, we’ve discovered that heat loss through the roof on cold nights is reduced by as much as 10 degrees or more under SolaReflex 97.4% Diffused Reflective Foil because normal upward radiating roof heat is radiated back down into the roof instead of disappearing into space. That means reduced heating costs in winter and a more comfortable building interior. It can also be used as a sturdy survival cover or blanket formed into a lean-to or tent, and when wrapped loosely around humans, drastically reduces heat loss in cold environments in survival situations. This is the ultimate radiant barrier product, and the best performance is when it’s suspended in air, not touching any objects except on edges or minimal support structures.

Each standard size tarp measures 8’ x 8’, weighs only 1.75 pounds and will come standard without grommets, but SolaReflex 97.4% Diffused Reflective Foil can be ordered with optional 1/4” brass grommets on triple re-enforced edges. It is 4.2 mills thick, has a flame spread rating of 5, and has a bursting rating of 85 pounds per square inch. We will can make larger custom sizes. If you plan to cut the SolaReflex 97.4% Diffused Reflective Foil to fit a specific space, you can cut to fit and add your own grommets from any grommet kit.

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